The Elusive Knysna Elephant

Posted on Sat November 19, 2022.


KNYSNA NEWS & VIDEO - Forestry workers have again spotted the elusive and last surviving female Knysna elephant, this time between Sedgefield and Wilderness.

The sighting happened early yesterday morning, Thursday 17 November and SANParks has requested that the exact location not be made public.

It is the first sighting since May.
In any event, the sighting was in an area not accessible to the public, said Megan Taplin, Park Manager Knysna Area of Garden Route National Park.

Taplin said SANParks recently completed a public survey survey to highlight different management considerations, such as whether intervention is required, or to leave the situation as is.

She said SANParks has some camera traps to monitor the elephant, as well as field rangers who monitor spoor and dung “ to give us an idea of the elephant’s movements”.